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Providing the highest quality ambulatory EEG recordings in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Providing the highest quality ambulatory EEG recordings using high definition video and audio to characterize your patient’s events, seizure type, semiology, duration, and frequency.

We pride ourselves in providing same day appointments, fully credited staff,  and an on-site neurologist for comprehensive assessments and more. Find out how we can elevate the service you expect from an EEG provider.

  • Marco Tapia, REEGT, CLTM
    Marco Tapia, REEGT, CLTM
    Director of Operations, Lead Tech
  • Cesar Tapia, REEGT
    Cesar Tapia, REEGT
    EEG Technologist
  • Phil Sanchez
    Phil Sanchez
  • Preethi Durgam, DO
    Preethi Durgam, DO
    Medical Director, Board Certified Neurologist and Epileptologist


It’s not important enough to have quality service, the accuracy of your reports must be better than the rest. Providing registered technicians at all visits and a board certified epilepsy trained neurologist to interpret, we provide the most comprehensive reporting, which elevates us from everyone us.



We provide online scheduling, same day appointments and travel wherever we are needed. Our ability to have on staff providers and technicians allows us to provide services that have not been available before.



Transparency is one of our core values and we provide the utmost compliance regarding billing and prior authorizations. Our ethical billing practices will put you at ease. Patient compliance reporting is provided to all referring providers as well.

We create an in-home environment that puts the patients comfort in mind first. Our priority will always be to provide the most comprehensive and compliant services.

1-855-32-NEURO (6-3876)
We work with most insurances and accept Medicare, Medicaid, and other government insurers


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