Elevated Neuro

Patients know the importance of working with a great company

Providing the highest quality ambulatory EEG recordings in the privacy and comfort of home.

We provide a compassionate and caring experience for our patients and their families. Our in home process allows for complete convenience and comfort.

We pride our company in providing same day appointments, full credited staff, on-site neurologist for complete diagnosis and more. Find out how we can elevate the service you expect from an EEG provider.

Our Process

Medical necessity is determined and A-EEG is ordered

Insurance benefits verified and preauthorizations are processed by Elevated

Exam is explained and all questions are answered

Credentialed technologists sees patient

Processed and interpreted by certified pruning technologist. Read and interpreted by a Board Certified Neurologist.

Ready within 3-5 days.

We create an in-home environment that puts the patients comfort in mind first. Our priority will always be to provide the most comprehensive and compliant services.

1-855-32-NEURO (6-3876)
We work with most insurances and accept Medicare, Medicaid, and other government insurers


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